Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: MAC Pink Nouveau (Satin)

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Ahhhh... the infamous MAC Pink Nouveau. This is one of MAC's crazily-popular lipstick shades. A favorite among local & foreign celebrities - Lady Gaga even confessed she was once obsessed with this shade. 

I love pink lipstick. It's a color that can instantly brighten up a face and make you look younger. Being NC35 with warm olive undertones though, not all pink lipstick suits my skin tone. I bought Pink Nouveau knowing there was a 60% chance of the color not looking good on me. But, it was 20% off at La Petite Confiserie and it's so difficult to pass up a MAC item on sale (only P700) so i had to grab it immediately. MAC lipsticks are pricey. They go for P1,000 a tube at MAC stores and P800-P900 on Ebay. My personal makeup philosophy for lipsticks is to spend less. There are a lot of pretty colors that costs much cheaper - like NYX for example. This is why i am such a hoarder for NYX lippies - they're super cheap! To date I only have a very humble collection of 5 MAC lipsticks (Lustering, Cosmo, Chatterbox, Crosswires, & Impassioned). I'd be happy to get a few more this Christmas! tehee... =)

Now back to Lady Gaga, I mean, Pink Nouveau. This is how Pink Nouveau looks like when swatched:

MAC describes this is as bright pink. I would say this is a true barbie blue based pink lipstick with slight purple undertones. On me, the purple undertone is much more obvious. On my fair skinned friend (NC20) though, the purple undertone is barely noticeable. This would appear bright pink on pigmented lips (like mine), and probably more muted on less pigmented lips.  This is a satin finish so it's like matte with a teeny tiny bit of sheen. A bit drying to the lips. Satin is not one of my favorite finishes from MAC as i prefer Lustre, Cremesheen & Amplified Creme.

- it's MAC! 
- great pigmentation
- staying power is very good 
- a nice, very wearable pink shade 

- pricey for a lipstick
- this formula tends to be drying on the lips
- tends to highlight the cracks on your lips so make sure to moisturize lips first
- will not suit all skintones

I've worn this thrice already but I am still undecided whether i like the color on me or not. I haven't noticed any weird stares though so the color isn't probably very shocking (like Milani's Rose Hip) or weird looking. My major setback for Pink Nouveau though is that this looks more lilac on me than pink. Purple and me don't go very well.

If you love MAC and pink lipstick, then this is a must have color to keep on your traincase. Otherwise, there are much cheaper alternatives for this color. Try googling MAC Pink Nouveau dupes and you'd get a lot of results.  

This is how Pink Nouveau looks on me. What do you think?

Pink Nouveau is one of those lipsticks that gives you fuller-looking, Angeline Jolie puckers.

Do you have Pink Nouveau? Do you like it or hate it? 

♥ blushbaby


  1. You're right, it does look a bit purplish, but a gorgeous color on you nonetheless! I've been wanting to have this for so long but then I look at it & it seems like a "dupable" kind of shade, something i can easily find from Revlon or Wet n Wild. Still, I'd love to try this the next time I'm on a MAC counter, hope it works for me then! xx

    I love your blog btw! I'm a new follower! xx

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