Friday, July 22, 2011

Missha Perfect Cover NEW SHADE! Yey!

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As some of you may already know, I am in love and very loyal to my trusty Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23. After a lot of bb cream trials, this is the only one that worked for me. I have been using this for over 2 years now and i NEVER leave home without it, and i mean, never... even when i only have to go to the sari-sari store next door i still put this on. haha.

i was ecstatic when i found out yesterday that Missha has just released a new shade, #27 in Honey Beige.  Although i love #23, i still find it a bit too light. I tried #42, but it was waay too dark too. #27 might just be perfect. I also love that they say that this shade gives good coverage for those with olive skin tone. i only learned late last year (thanks to a very knowledgeable MAC lady at Marrionaud) that i have olive skin tone, all the while i thought i had golden yellow undertones which explains why my foundation shades prior to this knowledge were all wrong. 

This is the New Shade in #27:


I am soooooo excited to try this out! I am already running low on my Missha PC so what great timing this is! Unfortunately though, I cannot find yet a local seller for this new shade. I might need to join a Pre-Order for this. This new shade is on sale at the Missha US site, only $8.99. but they don't accept orders outside the US so what a booo!  

i'll post a review once i get hold of this. i can't wait!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trying Out Nose Magic

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Talk about being discreet, there's NOSE MAGIC written in big bold letters on the envelope plus a big stamp of "Satisfaction Guaranteed". They say you can request for discreet packaging though when ordering.

What the Label Says

Nose Magic™ is a nose reshaper that will make nose smaller. It is an instrument used to mold the cartilage in our nose. Wondering how to make nose smaller? There are three possible effects that you can achieve when using this device to make nose look smaller. One: It will make your nose smaller. Two: It will make the nose thinner or slimmer and lastly, It will make the bridge of the nose taller and pointier, giving a lifted appearance and removing bumps or humps in the process. Result : Thinner, Pointier, Smaller, Slimmer and Perfect Nose almost similar to the results of a Nose Job or Nose Surgery.

$ 18.90 including shipping
You can buy at their webesite- Nose Magic, and pay through Paypal, Credit Card & Western Union 
Beware of Fake Nose Magic

A few reviews: 
Review 1
Review 2
Review 3
Learn more about Nose Magic at their website

How To Use:

Before & After Pictures

Pictures credited to Nose Magic

To be honest, i bought this more out of curiosity than out of my desire for a pointier, slender nose. I have long accepted the fact that my nose is faaaaar from perfect and have long resigned to the idea that i will forever have a fat nose on my face.  I mean, my nose is not all that bad, you can see a bit of a bridge in fact, and i am pretty happy with how "tall" it is. My only problem is that my nostrils are quite fat and look pretty wide on a frontal view, especially when i smile. here's proof:

From a side view, my nose looks pretty OK though.

So my problem really is making my nose look slimmer & slender and making my nostrils smaller. 

Call it fate or plain coincidence but when i was searching the web on how to properly contour the nose, my fingers somehow brought me to a blogsite about nosemagic. Added to my curiosity, i also found a thread in Female Network about Nose Magic with a few raves. So I thought, what harm could there be in trying this out for a month?

Making a purchase at their website was a breeze, I used PayPal. For those without a PayPal account, you can pay via Western Union. I ordered this online last July 1 (Friday night), was shipped out on July 2 (Saturday), and received my package on July 11 (Monday). I started using this last July 14 only. 

It's only been 8 days since I've been using Nose Magic and to be honest I have not seen any difference in my nose at all. The website says results are visible after 2 weeks so I'll wait until then to make a final review. I put this on once a day for 15 minutes. The first 15 minutes is actually pretty ok, past the 10 minutes it starts to get a little bit uncomfortable, it feels as if it's really reshaping your nose and there's a teeny tiny bit of pain. 

I am very excited to see the result (if any) after 2 weeks. I promise to post a before & after pic, I just hope there'll be a noticeable difference. 

DAY 22

It's been 22 days since I started using Nose Magic. I purposely did not write an update or post a picture after 14 days because to be honest, i did not notice any difference on my nose at all. I am still religiously using Nose Magic for 15 minutes a day hoping there will still be a slight change, it will probably just take a little longer for me. Maybe my nose is really that stubborn.


Already on my 28th day now and happily, i think (i hope i am not imagining), i am seeing a slight change in my nose shape.

I have read a lot of forums saying that Nose Magic might be a scam because the pictures used in the website are photoshoped, or that Nose Magic is really not a product of Japan but is really from the Philippines (because a lot of the users are Filipinos and because the doctor on the website doesn't really sound Japanese but sounded more like a Filipino. Well here's my take: Nose Magic is not a scam. I paid for my order and received my product in less than week. On this basis alone, i am saying that Nose Magic is not a scam. As to whether or not the product is from Japan, i wouldn't know for sure. When i picked up my package in the post office, the postman had difficulty tracing my package because i kept on stressing that my item is coming from Japan. When they searched and searched for it, their records showed it actually came from Manila and not Japan. Now, i live in Cebu, so maybe, the package really did come from Japan, made a stop in Manila, then transferred to Cebu. So in this issue, I will not be able to conclude whether or not Nose Magic is really from Japan or the Philippines.

Now on the question of whether it works or not. The site claims that Nose Magic will give results in 2 weeks. On this claim, i would say it was not the case for me. BUT, i am still continuously using it and as of today, i would say i am seeing a bit of change in my nose shape. Let  me stress this out, nose SHAPE, and not nose LENGTH. Do not expect your nose to grow taller because Nose Magic will not be able to do that, only surgery will. But, Nose Magic may reshape your nose to make it slimmer and pointier. i am saying may because i have yet to see its final effect on me.

I will post a picture of me on my 3oth day loves. You be the judge.

DAY 32

I'm sorry it took a while for me to post my 30th day update. should have posted it on August 12, 2011 but i got so busy at work i didn't have enough time.

Below are pictures of me prior to using Nose Magic, 22 days after using Nose Magic, and the most recent picture of me (32nd day).


I have been receiving a lot of requests for a latest picture of me. I only used Nose Magic for 3 months. I stopped using it last October, laziness got in the way of things. So here's a picture of me taken yesterday. 

When you compare this with my Day 32 photo, you will notice that there is a slight difference (my nose on Day 32 is slightly slimmer than my current photo). This may be because i have not used  it for 3 months. Here are my thoughts on this:

1. Nose Magic needs to be used regularly to prevent the shape of your nose from reverting back to its old shape. Or,
2.  You need to use Nose Magic for a relatively longer period of time to prevent your nose from returning to its old shape. I only used it for 3 months, you probably need to continuously use it for more. Or,
3.  You can also continuously use it for let's say 2 months, then wear it as maintenance maybe 3-4x a week instead of daily.  

My final thoughts about Nose Magic: 

1. Does It Work? It does... SLOWLY.  Do not expect a dramatic change in your nose shape within 2 weeks (as what their website claims). It took me 32 days to see a VERY slight change in my nose shape, so be very PATIENT. 
2. Do not expect dramatic results (like those pictures in their website). As you can see in my pictures, the results are very minimal on my nose, almost undetectable even. So those pictures on their website are either not true (photoshoped maybe?), or those people may have been using Nose Magic for 1 year to get those dramatic results.
3. Nose Magic is not a scam. I got my product after 7 days of placing my order.
4. Nose Magic will make some changes in your nose SHAPE. I think my picture is proof to this. BUT, it will not make your nose any taller, so don't get your hopes up.
5. Is Nose Magic worth a try? Definitely yes. It costs only a tiny fraction of how much a nose surgery would cost and is proven (based on my experience) to make a slight change in your nose shape, so there's really no harm in trying.  If you can borrow a friend's nose magic and is not bothered with hygienic concerns, then all the better.
6. Will i continue to use my Nose Magic? Yes i will. Hopefully i get to post a picture after 2 months of usage.
7. My parting words:
As in all other products, be very wary of product testimonials or reviews. Always take them with a grain of salt. Some may be true, some may not. I guess the best way to judge the effectiveness of a product is to try them out for yourself . I have tried my very best in sharing my experience with Nose Magic and hopefully my review helped you one way or another. 
♥ ♥ ♥




Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Avon Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base in Pink Pearl

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What the Label Says

Makes your foundation more effective by preventing creasing and fading. Makes your pressed powder more effective by preventing caking. 

Pink Pearl (corrects dullness & enhances skin clarity) 
Mint (evens out skin tone)

25 gram

P 379.00 

it has a pinkish tinge in actual but somehow my camera does not capture the color

 I am already very much satisified with my Missha BB Boomer as my makeup base. I have been using it for over a year now and have no problems with it. I bought this on impulse when i ran out of my Missha BB Boomer and could not find one as fast. Read on how this makeup base fares. 

The Good
- i got this in Pink Pearl which is meant to brighten skintone and it really does the job
- inexpensive
- has a nice light scented baby powder smell
- makes foundation or your bb cream last longer

The Bad
- the consistency is too thick as a makeup base
- because its too thick, it goes on white when you apply it on the face. make sure to apply only a little amount and blend, blend, blend

Missha BB Boomer VS. Avon Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base in Pink Pearl

I did a review of Missha BB Boomer here

Size & Price: 

Missha BB Boomer 40ml at P700 is slightly more expensive than Avon's Ideal Shade 25g at P395. Difference is about P2.34 / ml. 

Consistency & Texture
LEFT: Missha BB Boomer
RIGHT: Avon Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base in Pink Pearl
Missha BB Boomer has a lighter consistency which i love as it is easier to apply. Avon's Ideal shade is a little too thick for my liking. You cannot apply this without applying moisturizer first as it would be a bit difficult to spread. You will also notice in the picture above that Missha gives a pink pearlescent sheen when spread, whereas Avon's goes on just white. 

Both products actually accomplish what they promise to do. They both make my foundation/bb cream last longer and they really do brighten the face. In terms of keeping the oiliness at bay, they both fail at this. I have yet to find a primer that will do a good job in controlling oiliness. Between the two, i would pick Missha BB Boomer because i like its consistency & texture better and i find that it has a more brightening effect than Avon's Ideal Shade. 

Final Verdict
While this is a pretty good product, I still prefer my Missha BB Boomer as a makeup base. 


Monday, July 4, 2011

Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder in Candlelight

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What the Label Says

Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder is designed to provide sheer coverage and a radiant soft-focus effect that perfects any look by imparting a natural, healthy glow.

With the help of pure pearl powder and a rich Gemstone complex of diamonds, emeralds and other precious & semi-precious stones, skin tone is enhanced with its weight-less texture for a brighter, luminous look.

Contains the Gemstone Complex that captures and reflects light

Perfect complement to eyes, cheeks or face

Weightless texture enhances skin tone for a brighter, luminous look

Discreet pigment infuses complexion with a warm radiance

How To Use

Lightly tap the excess from the brush before applying. To create an all-over glow, apply with the Powder or Finishing brush. To accent cheekbones, apply using the Cheek Colour or Angled Cheek Colour Brush
Empty a small amount into the lid of the jar and pick up using the desired brush. 

Candlelight (rosy nude radiance)

FULL SIZE 0.34 oz. / 9.6 g 

$32 (full size) at Laura Mercier 


Let me start off by saying that i am CRAZY about highlighters and illuminators. When i read the word "glow" and "illuminate" from any makeup, my heart skips a beat. seriously. i find that highlighters/illuminators are an essential part of a makeup routine that adds dimension to the face, otherwise, you'll end up looking made up, but totally flat.

To date, i only have 2 highlighters in my stash, Benefit's Highbeam & Ellana Minerals Silk Glow Highlighter. I was happy with the two, the only downside is that you need to be very careful when applying them because when overdone, you tend to look like a shiny disco ball as they tend to appear more shimmery on the face when applied. This is what makes Laura Mercier's Illuminating Powder different from the two, the shimmer in the powder does not make you look all too shiny, it makes you look glowy and radiant. cool huh? 

i got this in sample size (about 1 gram) but i think this will still last me a long time. read on why this has become my favorite illuminator.

The Good
- Candlelight is a champagne colored highlighter which looks more natural to the skin compared to those whitish illuminators that tends to look more fake on the face
- has a very soft shimmer does not look shimmery on the face, but rather gives a glowy look 
- very versatile! you can use this to highlight your brow bone, the high apples of your cheeks, you can also add a tiny amount to your moisturizer, or to your lotion to give certain body parts a glow, i even use this on my eyelids to give a hint of color and sheen

The Bad
- the fullsize is pretty expensive albeit it would probably last you a very very long time

Final Verdict
This highlighter is such a great find! I love this to bits!



Skinfood Lime Secret Shine Base #75 Lime Pearl Gold

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What the Label Says

Oil-free type light pearl make-up base that expresses a clearer and splendid skin tone with double-reflecting pearls that sparkle according to the angle of light.
It softens the skin texture with the sleek velvet touch application. 

Subtle pink and gold highlights add a natural glow to the complexion. This pearl highlighter leaves a dewy finish, with or without make up. Use it everywhere for a natural looking luminosity.


 After basic make-up, shake the product and apply evenly from the inside to the outsides of the face.

#85 Lime Pearl Peach (they say this is the closest to Benefit's Highbeam in color)
#75 Lime Pearl Gold
#65 Lime Pearl Green

30 grams

Sold for about P460+ on Skinfood online resellers
Priced higher at Skinfood stores in malls 


Skinfood Lime Secret Shine #75 Lime Pearl Gold
Skinfood Lime Secret Shine #75 Lime Pearl Gold

Skinfood Lime Secret Shine #75 Lime Pearl Gold
When applied heavily
I have a strong liking towards highlighters/luminizers. I think they should be an important part of everybody's makeup arsenal. They can transform your face from looking blah and unhealthy to looking radiant and glowy. 

Now you've probably have heard lots of reviews that one of the best higlighters around is Benefit's Highbeam. A lot of people swear by it. They say Skinfood's Lime Secret Shine Base can be a dupe for Benefit's HighBeam (with shade #85 Lime Pearl Peach being the cloesest) so when i had a major Skinfood haul late last year i made sure not to leave this out on the list. I had initially wanted #85 Lime Pearl Peach but stocks of this shade was sold out then so I had to settle with Lime Pearl Gold instead.

I do not have all 3 shades but according to the Skinfood rep in Korea where my friend bought mine the difference between the shades is:  

#85 Lime Pearl Peach:
lighter shade. peach colored. gives a more subtle glow to the face. 

#75 Lime Pearl Gold:
darker colored compared to #75. more yellow toned. gives a more obvious glow.

#65 Lime Pearl Green
has no color when applied to the skin. best to be used as a makeup base as it does not add color to the face. works best to brighten dull skin. 

The Good
 - price is very good versus Benefit's Highbeam 
- bottle contains a lot of product. Since I only need a little amount to put on my face it will probably take me a looooong time to finish this.
- consistency is ok (albeit more runny compared to Benefit's Highbeam). application is very  easy. be careful not to get too much product though as one little drop goes a long way. 
- when used properly, gives a dewy glow to the face

The Bad
- too much obvious glitter for me. i'm not sure if such is the case for the other shades as well.
- i don't think this can be applied to the entire face as you would definitely look like a shiny disco ball

Be very careful not to over apply, lest you would look really funny. 
A little goes a long way as this product spreads like crazy. You only need a little amount to highlight your cheekbones for example. 

They say this can be used as a makeup base to brighten the face and to give a glowy look. As a makeup base I have not tried this personally and i am assuming with this shade the result would not be very good. But i have tried adding a teeny tiny amount of this to my bb cream and it worked. 

Final Verdict

Works well as a highlighter but you have to be very careful when applying. 
Will i repurchase? Probably no. I find that Benefit's Highbeam and Laura Mercier's Illuminating Powder in Candlelight still works better (and looks better) on me.