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Skinfood Lime Secret Shine Base #75 Lime Pearl Gold

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What the Label Says

Oil-free type light pearl make-up base that expresses a clearer and splendid skin tone with double-reflecting pearls that sparkle according to the angle of light.
It softens the skin texture with the sleek velvet touch application. 

Subtle pink and gold highlights add a natural glow to the complexion. This pearl highlighter leaves a dewy finish, with or without make up. Use it everywhere for a natural looking luminosity.


 After basic make-up, shake the product and apply evenly from the inside to the outsides of the face.

#85 Lime Pearl Peach (they say this is the closest to Benefit's Highbeam in color)
#75 Lime Pearl Gold
#65 Lime Pearl Green

30 grams

Sold for about P460+ on Skinfood online resellers
Priced higher at Skinfood stores in malls 


Skinfood Lime Secret Shine #75 Lime Pearl Gold
Skinfood Lime Secret Shine #75 Lime Pearl Gold

Skinfood Lime Secret Shine #75 Lime Pearl Gold
When applied heavily
I have a strong liking towards highlighters/luminizers. I think they should be an important part of everybody's makeup arsenal. They can transform your face from looking blah and unhealthy to looking radiant and glowy. 

Now you've probably have heard lots of reviews that one of the best higlighters around is Benefit's Highbeam. A lot of people swear by it. They say Skinfood's Lime Secret Shine Base can be a dupe for Benefit's HighBeam (with shade #85 Lime Pearl Peach being the cloesest) so when i had a major Skinfood haul late last year i made sure not to leave this out on the list. I had initially wanted #85 Lime Pearl Peach but stocks of this shade was sold out then so I had to settle with Lime Pearl Gold instead.

I do not have all 3 shades but according to the Skinfood rep in Korea where my friend bought mine the difference between the shades is:  

#85 Lime Pearl Peach:
lighter shade. peach colored. gives a more subtle glow to the face. 

#75 Lime Pearl Gold:
darker colored compared to #75. more yellow toned. gives a more obvious glow.

#65 Lime Pearl Green
has no color when applied to the skin. best to be used as a makeup base as it does not add color to the face. works best to brighten dull skin. 

The Good
 - price is very good versus Benefit's Highbeam 
- bottle contains a lot of product. Since I only need a little amount to put on my face it will probably take me a looooong time to finish this.
- consistency is ok (albeit more runny compared to Benefit's Highbeam). application is very  easy. be careful not to get too much product though as one little drop goes a long way. 
- when used properly, gives a dewy glow to the face

The Bad
- too much obvious glitter for me. i'm not sure if such is the case for the other shades as well.
- i don't think this can be applied to the entire face as you would definitely look like a shiny disco ball

Be very careful not to over apply, lest you would look really funny. 
A little goes a long way as this product spreads like crazy. You only need a little amount to highlight your cheekbones for example. 

They say this can be used as a makeup base to brighten the face and to give a glowy look. As a makeup base I have not tried this personally and i am assuming with this shade the result would not be very good. But i have tried adding a teeny tiny amount of this to my bb cream and it worked. 

Final Verdict

Works well as a highlighter but you have to be very careful when applying. 
Will i repurchase? Probably no. I find that Benefit's Highbeam and Laura Mercier's Illuminating Powder in Candlelight still works better (and looks better) on me. 


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