Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Avon Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base in Pink Pearl

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What the Label Says

Makes your foundation more effective by preventing creasing and fading. Makes your pressed powder more effective by preventing caking. 

Pink Pearl (corrects dullness & enhances skin clarity) 
Mint (evens out skin tone)

25 gram

P 379.00 

it has a pinkish tinge in actual but somehow my camera does not capture the color

 I am already very much satisified with my Missha BB Boomer as my makeup base. I have been using it for over a year now and have no problems with it. I bought this on impulse when i ran out of my Missha BB Boomer and could not find one as fast. Read on how this makeup base fares. 

The Good
- i got this in Pink Pearl which is meant to brighten skintone and it really does the job
- inexpensive
- has a nice light scented baby powder smell
- makes foundation or your bb cream last longer

The Bad
- the consistency is too thick as a makeup base
- because its too thick, it goes on white when you apply it on the face. make sure to apply only a little amount and blend, blend, blend

Missha BB Boomer VS. Avon Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base in Pink Pearl

I did a review of Missha BB Boomer here

Size & Price: 

Missha BB Boomer 40ml at P700 is slightly more expensive than Avon's Ideal Shade 25g at P395. Difference is about P2.34 / ml. 

Consistency & Texture
LEFT: Missha BB Boomer
RIGHT: Avon Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base in Pink Pearl
Missha BB Boomer has a lighter consistency which i love as it is easier to apply. Avon's Ideal shade is a little too thick for my liking. You cannot apply this without applying moisturizer first as it would be a bit difficult to spread. You will also notice in the picture above that Missha gives a pink pearlescent sheen when spread, whereas Avon's goes on just white. 

Both products actually accomplish what they promise to do. They both make my foundation/bb cream last longer and they really do brighten the face. In terms of keeping the oiliness at bay, they both fail at this. I have yet to find a primer that will do a good job in controlling oiliness. Between the two, i would pick Missha BB Boomer because i like its consistency & texture better and i find that it has a more brightening effect than Avon's Ideal Shade. 

Final Verdict
While this is a pretty good product, I still prefer my Missha BB Boomer as a makeup base. 


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