Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas Dinner!

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Let me start this post with a Christmas greeting...

These past few days, I have been very busy preparing a Christmas dinner menu for 3 adults - me, the husband, my mom-in-law. For the past 4 years, every Christmas dinner menu is planned weeks in advance and prepared 2-3 days ahead. Yes, I am that OC. Since the days leading to Christmas eve was pretty busy for me, what with our company's Annual Strategic Planning, Business Review and Christmas Party all happening in one jam packed week, i had less time than the usual in preparing our Christmas dinner. 

Since i cook everything from scratch and am a bit OC when cooking, I personally handle the grocery shopping myself as i tend to scrutinize every ingredient that goes in the food i cook. Guess how stressful grocery shopping is 2 days before Christmas eve? VERY STRESSFUL. So anyhow, here is my final Christmas dinner menu for three: 

Baked Ribs
Roasted Rosemary Lemon Butter Chicken 
Bakes Mussels

No Bake Blueberry Cheescake
Fruit Salad 

I normally don't cook a lot of variety during Christmas, I tend to do this during New Year instead. So two days before Christmas, i had all my ingredients ready, save for the mussels which i wanted to buy on the morning of the 24th to make sure it's really fresh. Unfortunately though, i could not find any mussels AT ALL the morning of the 24th. I went to 2 wet markets and 3 grocery stores, and found NONE. Weird, all the mussels in Cebu must have decided to take a leave on this particular day. So, here's my Christmas dinner, sans the Baked Mussels. 

Here's my lasagna swimming in sauce and cheese. I know it doesn't look appealing, but this is how the husband likes his lasagna- very saucy, creamy and cheesy. 

My baked ribs that i am very proud of. It's so tender and yummy! I marinated the meat 2 days prior, and slow baked it in the oven for 4 hours. yep, that long.

And here's my Roasted Rosemary Lemon Butter Chicken that i marinated in rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, Kikkoman, and lemon  for 2 days. I then roasted it in the turbo broiler together with lots of whole onions, butter and baby potatoes. Very simple but very delish!

Here's my no bake blueberry cheescake made of crushed graham, cinnamon, nutmeg, cream cheese, all purpose cream, evaporated milk, gelatin and blueberry filling. It took me 3 tries to perfect the overall look of the cake. I am satisfied with the taste, but there's more work to do on the look of the cake though. 

Overall, i am very happy with my Christmas menu and how they all tasted in the end. The husband and mom-in-law loved it so much. The ultimate satisfaction of cooking is seeing your loved ones happily enjoying the food you prepared. Guess what my secret ingredient is in all my cooking? LOVE. lots of it! 

Merry Christmas everyone!  And a Prosperous New Year! 

Here's my tentative menu for New Year's Eve: 

Baked Creamy Carbonara
Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Kebabs
Chilli Prawns
Garlic Butter Crabs

Mango Creme Pie
Oreo Cake
Lecha Flan

What was your Christmas dinner? What's your menu plans for New Year? 

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting pretty curls with Babyliss Heated Rollers

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Thanks to Babyliss, i am now able to get the perfect curls i want in an instant. For weeks now i have been seriously contemplating getting a digital perm but have been taken aback for the following reasons: First, it will cost me P4,000 at Tony & Jacky (the only salon i can trust with a digital perm) which is pretty steep. Second, digital perming is sort of permanent (they say it lasts about 8 months - 1 year), which means i cannot just decide to have straight hair anytime i want to. And third, having curly hair is pretty high maintenance, you cannot just shower and leave it on to dry. A digitally permed hair needs to be styled and pampered with a whole lotta products to keep the curls looking pretty. So, in the end, i decided to forgo digital perming for now.

I am so happy to have bought Babyliss because it gives me beautifully curled hair anytime i want to. I searched high and low for this heated rollers because it was sold out in all Watson's branches and in SM Department store. I had to let an employee of ours in Manila buy this for me in Anson's Appliance Center (they only had 2 left). For P2,200.00, you get the following: 

The box contains: 
- 8 large rollers
- 6 medium rollers
- 6 small rollers
- 20 clips & 1 styling comb
- instruction manual
- adaptor

How to use?

1. Plug the device and let it heat up for 30 mins. Make sure all the rollers are in place during heating up. 
2. After 30 mins and once the rollers are hot enough, you can now start using them. 
3. I start by putting on a bit of mousse in my hair. Not too much though because putting on too much product will weigh down your hair and prevent it from holding a curl longer. 
4. After applying mousse, you can now start putting on the heated rollers on your hair section by section. It only takes me 5 minutes to completely put rollers on my hair. 

 6. Leave the rollers on for 15 minutes if you want tighter curls, leave it on for a lesser time if you want looser curls. 

I get this result if i leave the rollers on for 15 minutes. 

I get looser curls if i leave them on for 10 minutes: 

Pretty neat huh? What i love about these rollers is that they give you that perfect hollywood, beach-like curls. And they're so easy to use. This is also great for the multi-taskers because you can use the waiting time to apply makeup while waiting for the curls to set.

- easy to use
- allows you to do other things (like put on makeup), while waiting for the curls to set
- gives pretty curls - beach wave or tight curls
- great for use during special occasions, parties, or just about anytime you feel like getting a curl 

- curls don't stay on as long as i want to. maximum the curls stay on me is 4 hours, even with hairspray. 
- a bit pricey
- this is difficult to find here in the Philippines

- Don't wash your hair the day you'd like to curl them. Wash them the night before. Squeeky clean hair will not hold curls very well. 
- Don't apply too much mousse on your hair prior to putting on the rollers. Too much mousse will weigh down your hair and prevent curls from holding.

I love this! This is so easy to use and produces really pretty curls (than a curling iron). It only takes me 5 minutes to put on the rollers, and 10-15 minutes to wait for the curls to set. I use this waiting time to put on my makeup. 

I need to find a way though to make the curls last longer. Even with hairspray, the curls stay on me only for a maximum of 4 hrs. I've been doing a lot of research and found that there are numerous hairspray and styling mousse specifically made for curls produced from curling irons and hot rollers. Hopefully with constant experimentation, i get to find a curling process that will make my curls last longer. 

What curling products do you use? 

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: MAC Satin Blush in Fleur Power

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I was sorting through my traincase last night when I found this blush. Funny, i do not even recall having purchased this. It looks pretty on the pan, but since I've always been partial towards the sheertone shimmer finish of MAC blushes (this is satin), this did not capture much of my attention.

MAC describes this as soft bright pinkish coral. I will say this is more of a warm pink with a slight hint of coral on my NC35 skin tone. Here is what it looks like when swatched :

Looks pretty right? This is the kind of blush that gives you that natural looking flushed look. This blush is so versatile this would look good on almost all skintones. 

- highly pigmented so make sure to apply with a light hand
- staying power is very good
- powder is finely milled and applies smoothly
- this blush gives a natural looking flushed look

- a bit too powdery

Though a pretty color, this is not one of my favorite MAC blushes. As I've mentioned, i tend to be partial towards sheertone shimmer finishes because i love the glow it gives. This being satin, thus almost matte, it lacks that oomph i need in a blush. This is great for a natural everyday look though for office, school, or during casual days. Will i repurchase? Probably no. It will take forever before i hit the pan. 

Do you have Fleur Power? What do you think? 

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: Sleek Rose Gold VS. NARS Super Orgasm

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There's been so much talk about Sleek Rose Gold being a very close dupe for NARS Orgasm. As I don't have NARS Orgasm anymore (sold it as the color barely showed up on me), I will instead do a comparison between Sleek Rose Gold and NARS Super Orgasm.

NARS: rubbery matte square case. the rubbery casing easily attracts dirt. case easily looks worn out after continued use.
SLEEK: hard plastic matte case. does not easily attract dirt. 
Sleek is slightly smaller than NARS in terms of packaging. 

NARS: P1,350 for 4.8g of product
SLEEK: P450 for 8g of product
You do the math. 

NARS: Peachy pink with chunky gold sparkles
SLEEK: Peachy pink with gold sheen

From the pan, Super Orgasm looks more pink than peach, while Rose Gold looks more coral than pink. The gold sparkles in Super Orgasm is more visible while Rose Gold has sort of micro shimmers instead.

Left: NARS Super Orgasm/ Right: Sleek Rose Gold
When swatched, both look very similar in color. The golden sheen in Rose Gold is what differentiates it from Super Orgasm. Super Orgasm gives no golden sheen, but tiny shimmers on the face (provided you tap off the chunky glitters). You need to tap off your brush before applying (Super Orgasm) on the face lest you'll end up looking like a disco ball. Rose Gold also looks slightly more darker here because it's a few times more pigmented than Orgasm so one heavy swipe can make a huge difference.

Left: NARS Super Orgasm/ Right: Sleek Rose Gold

Rose Gold is definitely more pigmented than Rose Gold. You will notice this with just one swipe. In one swipe, Super Orgasm comes out a bit sheer, whereas Rose Gold immediately gives full coverage. 

Both blushes are finely milled. They're both not chalky and both don't have fallouts. Super Orgasm is slightly rough to the touch though (on the pan) due to the chunky glitters. 

Rose Gold is surely the runaway winner here. From the price alone (P1,350 vs. P450), Rose Gold hits the home run.

Undoubtedly, NARS makes one of the best blushes in the makeup world, and they've become a cult favorite for a reason. Their infamous blush Orgasm has been duped by almost every makeup brand in the world. As to the quality of NARS blushes, I have no question there. However, due to this brand's steep price, a lot of people are taken aback. This is where dupes come in. You get almost the same color for only a fraction of the price. Sleek Rose Gold is an excellent dupe for Super Orgasm. Probably even the best. The quality of this blush is not sacrificed by it's price so you have a sure winner here. 

If you've been dying to have Super Orgasm, or probably even Orgasm, try out Rose Gold! 

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Review: Sleek Blush in Rose Gold is LOVE!

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Sleek Blush in Rose Gold
Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

I have found a gem in Sleek's Rosegold blush! The color is so pretty on the pan, and even more so when swatched. The color is peachy pink with a gold sheen to it. On my NC35 skin, it's more peach than pink. The golden sheen is really pretty and gives a highlighted effect on your cheeks. It's like putting on blush and highlighter at the same time. Super Pretty!

It's great with my NC35 skin tone, and I would assume it would look great with most skin tones too. The color is very universal. I have to warn though that this blush is VERY pigmented so make sure to use a light hand when applying. With a light hand and my ELF Stippling Brush, the result is really good - a pinky peach golden glow on my cheeks. Here's a swatch of how lovely this blush is:  

Sleek Rose Gold (Applied heavily)
Here's how pretty the blush is on the cheeks.

- very pretty peachy pink color with gold sheen
- 8g of product for P400? What a steal!
- powder is finely milled. applies smoothly.
- super pigmented
- staying power is above average
- gives a lovely sheen on your face - no highlighter needed! 
- packaging is sleek and compact (i just love matte cases!)
- some say this is a very close dupe to the cult favorite NARS Orgasm

- due to the sheen, this will tend to highlight large pores on the cheeks (if you have large pores)
- available only online. Sleek has no physical store in the Philippines. 
- i can't think of anything else! 

For only P400 and with such great color and quality, this blush is a steal! The color is really pretty and universally flattering i would highly recommend this to be a staple in every girls makeup stash. If you've been dying to have NARS Orgasm but taken aback by its price, this will be a great replacement. 

- since the blush is crazily pigmented, make sure to apply with a light hand. It is so easy to go overboard with this blush. Start with a light application and just build until you reach your desired color intensity. 

Do you own Rose Gold? How do you find it? 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sleek Blushes Haul

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I finally got hold of the most talked about blushes - Sleek! I have been reading so many great reviews about these blushes that i couldn't wait to get my hands on a few. I got mine at Updated Trends for P400.00 a piece. Sleek is a UK drugstore brand makeup, these costs only £3.50 (about P230.00) in UK. The price range of their products are really cheap, P400 for blushes and lippies, P500 for eyeshadow palettes, etc. There are very limited stocks of Sleek products in local online stores so make sure to grab what you like really fast. 

I love the packaging! They come in a really handy, compact matte casing. They don't look drugstore at all. I've swatched them already, and boy, are the colors lovely and very pigmented too! I promise to make separate reviews of each color. They look so pretty I want to dedicate a single post for each blush. 

TOP L-R: Flamingo, Pomegranate
BOTTOM L-R: Life's A Peach, Rosegold

L-R: Rose Gold, Pomegranate, Life's A Peach, Flamingo

Lovely colors right? I want to haul all of the Sleek blushes. 

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: MAC Pink Nouveau (Satin)

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Ahhhh... the infamous MAC Pink Nouveau. This is one of MAC's crazily-popular lipstick shades. A favorite among local & foreign celebrities - Lady Gaga even confessed she was once obsessed with this shade. 

I love pink lipstick. It's a color that can instantly brighten up a face and make you look younger. Being NC35 with warm olive undertones though, not all pink lipstick suits my skin tone. I bought Pink Nouveau knowing there was a 60% chance of the color not looking good on me. But, it was 20% off at La Petite Confiserie and it's so difficult to pass up a MAC item on sale (only P700) so i had to grab it immediately. MAC lipsticks are pricey. They go for P1,000 a tube at MAC stores and P800-P900 on Ebay. My personal makeup philosophy for lipsticks is to spend less. There are a lot of pretty colors that costs much cheaper - like NYX for example. This is why i am such a hoarder for NYX lippies - they're super cheap! To date I only have a very humble collection of 5 MAC lipsticks (Lustering, Cosmo, Chatterbox, Crosswires, & Impassioned). I'd be happy to get a few more this Christmas! tehee... =)

Now back to Lady Gaga, I mean, Pink Nouveau. This is how Pink Nouveau looks like when swatched:

MAC describes this is as bright pink. I would say this is a true barbie blue based pink lipstick with slight purple undertones. On me, the purple undertone is much more obvious. On my fair skinned friend (NC20) though, the purple undertone is barely noticeable. This would appear bright pink on pigmented lips (like mine), and probably more muted on less pigmented lips.  This is a satin finish so it's like matte with a teeny tiny bit of sheen. A bit drying to the lips. Satin is not one of my favorite finishes from MAC as i prefer Lustre, Cremesheen & Amplified Creme.

- it's MAC! 
- great pigmentation
- staying power is very good 
- a nice, very wearable pink shade 

- pricey for a lipstick
- this formula tends to be drying on the lips
- tends to highlight the cracks on your lips so make sure to moisturize lips first
- will not suit all skintones

I've worn this thrice already but I am still undecided whether i like the color on me or not. I haven't noticed any weird stares though so the color isn't probably very shocking (like Milani's Rose Hip) or weird looking. My major setback for Pink Nouveau though is that this looks more lilac on me than pink. Purple and me don't go very well.

If you love MAC and pink lipstick, then this is a must have color to keep on your traincase. Otherwise, there are much cheaper alternatives for this color. Try googling MAC Pink Nouveau dupes and you'd get a lot of results.  

This is how Pink Nouveau looks on me. What do you think?

Pink Nouveau is one of those lipsticks that gives you fuller-looking, Angeline Jolie puckers.

Do you have Pink Nouveau? Do you like it or hate it? 

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencil - Coral, Hot Pink, Nude Pink, Deep Red

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Pardon my being MIA for the past weeks. Beginning late October upto the third week of November, I had been terribly busy preparing for our company's participation in  PHILCONSTRUCT 2011 two weeks ago. I was finally able to have a breather from all the stress this week, which explains why i am finally able to blog! Yehey!

About a month ago I had a major NYX haul at NYX Wholesale PH. Their prices are incredible low, so i obviously went crazy online shopping for some lippies, liners, etc. For only P95 a piece, who can resist these NYX lip pencils? These pencils come in over 60 colors and in different finishes - satin, matte, frost, etc. I got 4 colors: Coral, Hot Pink, Nude Pink, and Deep Red. 

L-R: Coral, Hot Pink, Nude Pink, Deep Red

L-R (w/ flash): Coral, Hot Pink, Nude Pink, Deep Red
L-R (w/o flash): Coral, Hot Pink, Nude Pink, Deep Red

I super love these pencils! They're really creamy, glides easily on the lips, color payoff is really good, lasts long, and best of all, they're really cheap - only P95.00! 

Coral is a true coral peachy color. Surprisingly though, this wasn't as creamy as the 3 other colors. The color payoff is great though, and i can wear this as a lip liner, or all over the entire lip. Just top off with a corally or nude lipgloss and it'll look great. As this color and formula is a bit drying, make sure to put on lip balm first. 

Hot Pink is well, a true bright, hot pink shade. This is really creamy, and glides like a dream on my lips. The color payoff is really good so you can wear this alone. 

Nude Pink is a gorgeous light pinky brown shade! This is great to use when you do not have any lipliner to match a certain lipstick shade. It's very versatile. Color payoff is average. This is not as creamy as Hot Pink and Deep Red though. 

Deep Red is a true deep dark red. Great to match with deep red lipsticks. This, or any red lip liner, should be a staple in every girl's kikay kit. To properly pull off red lips, it is a must to use a lip liner. Great color payoff too and creamy so i sometimes wear this alone. 

What the Label Says

Slim, trim but never prim, our lip pencils come in 60 dashing shades—from auburn to orange and traffic-stopping red. The buttery, long-wearing lip liner formula goes on easily and resists bleeding. Available in 60 shades.

Net Wt. 
1 g

P 95.00

The Good
-  really cheap!!!
- good color payoff
- most of the colors are creamy & glides easily on the lips
The Bad
- quality is not consistent as some are creamy and glides easily on the lips, while some colors are not
- staying power is average

Final Verdict
For only P95.00, these lip pencils are such a steal! 

What NYX Slim Lip Pencils do you have? 
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Missha Perfect Cover #27 *New Shade

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After 2 months, my Missha Perfect Cover #27 has finally arrived! 

Last July, Missha introduced a new shade in their Perfect Cover line, #27 Honey Beige. To date, Missha Perfect Cover now comes in 5 shades: 

#13 Milky Beige
#21 Light Beige
#23 Natural Beige
#27 Honey Beige
#31 Golden Beige

For the longest time now, I have been using #23 Natural Beige. Read my review here. Although it is a tad too light for my skintone, I still prefer it over #31 because Golden Beige (#31) is just waaay too dark. Missha got it right by introducing a shade between #23 & #31. 


Here's a comparison between #23 & #27: 

The major difference in the two is that #27 is yellow toned while #23 has a grey tone to it. For an NC35 (NC40 in the summer) like me, #23 is just way too light. However, as my skin tends to oxidize, #23 just blends with my skintone after about an hour or two. 

#27 on the other hand is about a 90% match with my skin tone. One of the letdowns though is that it's a bit too yellow for my olive skin. By applying just the right amount of bb cream and when blended really well however, the yellow tone almost goes unnoticed. This did not oxidize on my skin so i have no problems with it getting too dark a few hours after use.

Ironically, both #23 and #27 matches my skin well. The only difference being that #27 is slightly yellow/golden toned so it's a better match on me than #23. 

Bare Wrist & With Missha Perfect Cover
Here's my shade guide for the Missha shades: 

#13 Milky Beige (For NC 15-20)
#21 Light Beige (For NC 20-25)
#23 Natural Beige (For NC 25-35)
#27 Honey Beige (For NC 35-40)
#31 Golden Beige (For NC 40-45)

The catch here loves is that the shade #27 is sold only in the US. This is not available in the Philippines and in Korea. I got mine at a pre-order at My Little Shop which explains why i had to wait 2 months. Damage is P1,450.00 for a 50ml tube. It is more expensive than the other shades (only about P900+ for a 50ml tube in ebay and other online shops) because it is sold only in the US. Missha US is more expensive than Missha Korea (where most online shops source their Missha from). Missha in Korea is really cheap.

If you're between NC 35-40, this shade is a must try!

♥ blushbaby

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Travel: Danasan Eco Adventure Park

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If you're looking for an adventure packed place where you can also relax and unwind, Danasan Eco Adventure Park is definitely the place to be. 

Danasan Eco Adventure Park is located in the high mountains of Danasan, Danao. About an hour away from Danao City. The terrain going up to Danasan is mostly uphill and there are breaks of rough road along the way. I would not advise travel with a sedan or any lowered vehicle going up because the roads can be pretty rough. To reach Danasan, you just follow the same road that leads to Intosan Resort and just go straight. There are road signs everywhere anyway so it's impossible to get lost. Here's a map, although i don't think this will be much of a guide to you. 

On hindsight, i would prefer just taking the park's shuttle (P200 RT for pickup in Danao or P300 RT for pickup in Cebu City). It is so much more convenient this way. The scenery going up to Danasan is beautiful, this is where the adventure really starts. You'll pass by rivers and a lot of beautiful mountain views. About halfway through the trip though, you'll lose your cellphone reception. So if you're the type of person who's unable to live through a day or two without a signal, better start thinking twice. The ride to Danasan seemed like forever, we agonized over the road signs that said 25km ahead, 24 km ahead, 17 km ahead, 12 km ahead... After about an hour and 15 mins, we finally reached the place. 

We left Cebu City at 6:45 am and arrived at Danasan at 9:30. We made a quick stop at Liloan to buy food. Danasan has no corkage fee for food brought into the park. This might change in the future though as they recently started serving meals in the park. Not a lot of people were there when we arrived. We had breakfast first and then scheduled ourselves for the Waterfalls Trekking (P200) because there was still a group at the wakepark. This tractor will bring you to the falls. Cool right?

The terrain leading to the falls was CRAZY! It was R-O-U-G-H! For 20 minutes (i think), we rode through the bumpy road, swaying like crazy and holding on to the tractor really tight it almost left permanent marks on our hand. 

The tractor would've taken us all the way to the waterfalls and spared us from the 1 km (i think) walk but since the roads were blocked due to a recent landslide, we had to walk all the way up to the river leading to the waterfalls. 

Now, the trek. The terrain going to the falls was ok and pretty much uneventful except for some near slips and stumbles. It was mostly downhill so it was pretty easy for the not so active ones like me. After the rough road, you'll need to walk through a long stretch of shallow river and maneuver through slippery rocks to reach the waterfalls below. 

Finally, you'll reach the first small waterfall. We didn't swim here as it was rather small. 

We proceeded to the 2nd waterfalls which is much bigger and spent about an hour here swimming. It does not look as majestic or as pretty as the other waterfalls i've seen or been to. I've seen better. But, what i really like about this waterfalls though is that the water's really clean and cold, and its really shallow so it's pretty safe, even for kids. 

There is a 3rd pool going further down but we were tired already and contented with just swimming in the 2nd pool that we didn't push through. Ours guide said it's still a bit further down, the terrain is much more difficult and the water's also much deeper in the 3rd pool. 

After about an hour of swimming, we started our way up back towards where the tractor was. If the travel going down to the falls was pretty elementary, the way back up was DIFFICULT, I almost had a near death experience with this one. It's no secret that i do not have a very active lifestyle so climbing up the very steep uphill terrain was painstakingly difficult. It was pure torture. I did not bother taking pictures of the climb up because i was very busy trying to catch my breathe and stopping myself from fainting. I was breathing so loud i was like a girl in labor. The husband carried me on his back twice when i was near passing out. Here's a picture of the terrain. Imagine climbing 6 or so of these.

Unlike the earlier trip to the the falls, the ride back to the main camp was dead silent. Nobody was in the mood to talk. Everyone was exhausted and dehydrated (we forgot to bring water) from the torturous climb and the scorching heat. We were dead tired and very hungry when we reached the camp, we rested, and had lunch. Next on our itinerary was Wakeboarding. After about an hour of rest and lunch, we headed towards the lower part of the camp for the wake park.

It was about this time last year too when the friends and i went to CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex). We were very excited then to try out wake boarding but as fate would have it, the beginner's park was closed for repair half of the day and the line was a kilometer long in the afternoon when it finally got fixed. Too bad. We had a blast in their waterpark instead. Here's what the beginner's wake park in CWC and the one in Danasan looks like.  Pretty much the same right?



As i have virtually no inclination towards sports, i did not expect to have so much of a great time wakeboarding (P300/ whole day). You get a short one on one lesson on dry land with the instructor before actually going in the water. They teach you the basics, like how to position your body, how to position your hands and feet, how to handle the pull from the cable etc. You can try to learn as much as you want from this short crash course but really, experience is the best teacher.

*UPDATE 12/1/2011
Wakeboarding now costs P1,600 per group, per hour.

If you can't swim, don't fret because you'll have a vest. When you're about to crash, just hold you're breathe, close your eyes and try not to swallow the murky brown water. Eew.

You begin with a water start by getting into the water (duh), doing a squat position and leaning on your back (much like doing a squat position but only horizontally), wearing the wake board slippers, and holding on to the the thing that connects you to the cable that pulls you. There are other ways to start though, you can do a sit start or a jump start, but these are for the more advanced riders. Here's my friend doing a water start.

Once you're ready, the cable slowly pulls you. At this point, you don't need to do anything but just let the cable pull you to a stand. Once you're fully up, you need to stretch out your arms, keep your grip on the handle firm, keep your knees bent, slowly face sideways, and position your feet wherever your most comfortable (right foot forward or left foot forward), mine's right foot forward.

My first attempt was epic - i fell within just 3 feet from the starting point! Haha.

My 2nd and 3rd attempt were all fail, i never even got to reach the middle part of the lake. Through all these crashes, i kept getting thrown into the yucky brown water and  swallowed once or twice that same yucky water. I have to learn fast! 

My friends and the instructors kept yelling, straighten your arms, bend your knees, put your weight on the board, don't pull the cable, etc., etc. At one point, when i swallowed about half a gallon of that brown icky water, i really wanted to quit. But as i am not a quitter and i really wanted to prove something to myself, i tried again... and i got it! Yehey!

It is such a great feeling to be able to stand and do an entire lap without falling!!! I fell on every turn though because this is a difficult thing to do (i think). The husband isn't even able to make a successful turn without falling. When my time was up, I had to wait again for my turn until everyone in line was through (there were about 8 people). When you're lucky and you're the only group on the wake park (on a weekday), you get to ride over and over again, until your heart's content.

My 2nd try was the best! I hardly fell at all. And I only fell because the guy who controlled the cable would suddenly accelerate the pull when he notices that I'm standing up already and really enjoying the ride. What a bummer. Here's the husband riding like crazy. He even tried to jump on his first ride.

Here's my tip to be able to at least stand on the board and ride your way in the lake.
  • Have the correct foot forward (where you're most comfortable). The instructor first told me my left foot should be forward (because I'm right handed). After several crashes, I learned I am most comfortable with my right foot forward. This made a lot of difference.
  • Don't pull the cable, just allow the cable to pull you. Hold the handle firmly but never pull. Keep your arms straight.
  • Put more of your weight on your back foot. This is what i use to balance and to carve my way in the water
  • Follow your heart. I don't get this and i don't know if this works but this is my friend Lovely's mantra during her rides and she's pretty good at wake boarding already so this must work. Haha.  

Once you get the hang of it, wake boarding can be really addicting! I wanted to ride over and over and over again. It's really great that there's now a wake park in Cebu and you don't have to travel all the way to Luzon to ride.

Overall, my Danasan Eco Adventure Park experience was really really great. I had so much fun (despite the nasty muscle aches i had the morning after).  When i come back (I'm sure very soon), i'll make sure to sleep over as a day is definitely not enough. If you're interested in spending a night or two here, here's how their rooms look like:


Besides waterfalls trekking and wakeboarding, Danasan also offers other activities like zip line, caving, horse back riding, etc. Soon there will also be river tubing, rock climbing, tyrolean traverse and a host of other things. 

To see their full range of activities, rates and packages, visit their website Danasan Eco Adventure Park.

♥ blushbaby