Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: Sleek Rose Gold VS. NARS Super Orgasm

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There's been so much talk about Sleek Rose Gold being a very close dupe for NARS Orgasm. As I don't have NARS Orgasm anymore (sold it as the color barely showed up on me), I will instead do a comparison between Sleek Rose Gold and NARS Super Orgasm.

NARS: rubbery matte square case. the rubbery casing easily attracts dirt. case easily looks worn out after continued use.
SLEEK: hard plastic matte case. does not easily attract dirt. 
Sleek is slightly smaller than NARS in terms of packaging. 

NARS: P1,350 for 4.8g of product
SLEEK: P450 for 8g of product
You do the math. 

NARS: Peachy pink with chunky gold sparkles
SLEEK: Peachy pink with gold sheen

From the pan, Super Orgasm looks more pink than peach, while Rose Gold looks more coral than pink. The gold sparkles in Super Orgasm is more visible while Rose Gold has sort of micro shimmers instead.

Left: NARS Super Orgasm/ Right: Sleek Rose Gold
When swatched, both look very similar in color. The golden sheen in Rose Gold is what differentiates it from Super Orgasm. Super Orgasm gives no golden sheen, but tiny shimmers on the face (provided you tap off the chunky glitters). You need to tap off your brush before applying (Super Orgasm) on the face lest you'll end up looking like a disco ball. Rose Gold also looks slightly more darker here because it's a few times more pigmented than Orgasm so one heavy swipe can make a huge difference.

Left: NARS Super Orgasm/ Right: Sleek Rose Gold

Rose Gold is definitely more pigmented than Rose Gold. You will notice this with just one swipe. In one swipe, Super Orgasm comes out a bit sheer, whereas Rose Gold immediately gives full coverage. 

Both blushes are finely milled. They're both not chalky and both don't have fallouts. Super Orgasm is slightly rough to the touch though (on the pan) due to the chunky glitters. 

Rose Gold is surely the runaway winner here. From the price alone (P1,350 vs. P450), Rose Gold hits the home run.

Undoubtedly, NARS makes one of the best blushes in the makeup world, and they've become a cult favorite for a reason. Their infamous blush Orgasm has been duped by almost every makeup brand in the world. As to the quality of NARS blushes, I have no question there. However, due to this brand's steep price, a lot of people are taken aback. This is where dupes come in. You get almost the same color for only a fraction of the price. Sleek Rose Gold is an excellent dupe for Super Orgasm. Probably even the best. The quality of this blush is not sacrificed by it's price so you have a sure winner here. 

If you've been dying to have Super Orgasm, or probably even Orgasm, try out Rose Gold! 

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  1. Thank you so much for the comparison review! :) I've been eyeing on NARS Super Orgasm for so long and wanted to purchase it this Christmas. But after seeing this review, I think I'll go for Sleek's Rose Gold instead. I love peach more than coral, but the shimmer in Super Orgasm is too much for me, I think. Just a question though sis, is Sleek available in local stores? If not, where can I get it? Thank you so much.. :)

  2. Hi Sumi! Yes Sleek is available in local online stores. You can buy their blushes at, or at NARS Super Orgasm is a lovely blush, but i won't probably repurchase it.

  3. I wish sleek will be available in local department stores.


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