Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting pretty curls with Babyliss Heated Rollers

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Thanks to Babyliss, i am now able to get the perfect curls i want in an instant. For weeks now i have been seriously contemplating getting a digital perm but have been taken aback for the following reasons: First, it will cost me P4,000 at Tony & Jacky (the only salon i can trust with a digital perm) which is pretty steep. Second, digital perming is sort of permanent (they say it lasts about 8 months - 1 year), which means i cannot just decide to have straight hair anytime i want to. And third, having curly hair is pretty high maintenance, you cannot just shower and leave it on to dry. A digitally permed hair needs to be styled and pampered with a whole lotta products to keep the curls looking pretty. So, in the end, i decided to forgo digital perming for now.

I am so happy to have bought Babyliss because it gives me beautifully curled hair anytime i want to. I searched high and low for this heated rollers because it was sold out in all Watson's branches and in SM Department store. I had to let an employee of ours in Manila buy this for me in Anson's Appliance Center (they only had 2 left). For P2,200.00, you get the following: 

The box contains: 
- 8 large rollers
- 6 medium rollers
- 6 small rollers
- 20 clips & 1 styling comb
- instruction manual
- adaptor

How to use?

1. Plug the device and let it heat up for 30 mins. Make sure all the rollers are in place during heating up. 
2. After 30 mins and once the rollers are hot enough, you can now start using them. 
3. I start by putting on a bit of mousse in my hair. Not too much though because putting on too much product will weigh down your hair and prevent it from holding a curl longer. 
4. After applying mousse, you can now start putting on the heated rollers on your hair section by section. It only takes me 5 minutes to completely put rollers on my hair. 

 6. Leave the rollers on for 15 minutes if you want tighter curls, leave it on for a lesser time if you want looser curls. 

I get this result if i leave the rollers on for 15 minutes. 

I get looser curls if i leave them on for 10 minutes: 

Pretty neat huh? What i love about these rollers is that they give you that perfect hollywood, beach-like curls. And they're so easy to use. This is also great for the multi-taskers because you can use the waiting time to apply makeup while waiting for the curls to set.

- easy to use
- allows you to do other things (like put on makeup), while waiting for the curls to set
- gives pretty curls - beach wave or tight curls
- great for use during special occasions, parties, or just about anytime you feel like getting a curl 

- curls don't stay on as long as i want to. maximum the curls stay on me is 4 hours, even with hairspray. 
- a bit pricey
- this is difficult to find here in the Philippines

- Don't wash your hair the day you'd like to curl them. Wash them the night before. Squeeky clean hair will not hold curls very well. 
- Don't apply too much mousse on your hair prior to putting on the rollers. Too much mousse will weigh down your hair and prevent curls from holding.

I love this! This is so easy to use and produces really pretty curls (than a curling iron). It only takes me 5 minutes to put on the rollers, and 10-15 minutes to wait for the curls to set. I use this waiting time to put on my makeup. 

I need to find a way though to make the curls last longer. Even with hairspray, the curls stay on me only for a maximum of 4 hrs. I've been doing a lot of research and found that there are numerous hairspray and styling mousse specifically made for curls produced from curling irons and hot rollers. Hopefully with constant experimentation, i get to find a curling process that will make my curls last longer. 

What curling products do you use? 

♥ blushbaby


  1. Thanks for the review! I use a Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush dryer - it's great for finishing your hair style after drying your hair about 80%.

  2. I've been contemplating for quite a while now if I'll have my hair digipermed.. >.< But I'm not too sure yet 'cause I want to have straight hair at other days too. Will try to buy one of these sets and hopefully it'll work on my hair.. Btw, loving your curls sis! :)

    Have a happy Christmas! ^^

    Sumi of

  3. love your reviews: short and sweet. thanks and keep 'em coming.

    I have the babybliss ipro200 curling iron and it's the best I've used for long-lasting curls. I have two similar products from vidal sassoon (one curling iron and one flat iron), but the BB is the hands down favorite in terms of performance.

  4. are you selling this?

    1. yes i am. i just got as a gift a new Babyliss IPro 200 which i prefer over this because it's more handy to bring around as i travel a lot.

  5. how much are you selling it for? :)

  6. Is this still available? What is the difference of ipro200 from this one? Thanks.. I really want to hve hair rollers tooo

  7. Avaiable pa po ba? I'm interested in buying it.

    1. yes this is still available please contact me 09228537505

  8. ceramic rollers po ba ito?

  9. available? i wanna buy it sana..

  10. yes this is still available please contact me 09228537505


  11. yes this is still available please contact me 09228537505

  12. Nice curls sis parang digiperm. I haven't tried using heated rollers so I'm glad I found your review. :)

  13. still available I want to buy//

  14. Yes still available. Pls text me 09228537505.


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