Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink

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I love a really good quality lipstick. High end brands are expensive for a reason - better formulation, quality, pigmentation, staying power, texture, etc. But would you really spend P900++ for something that won't last the entire day anyway? This is where cheaper brands come in. Maybe it won't have the same amazing formula, pigmentation or staying power as the high end brands but will serve it's purpose well anyway- to put color on your lips.

So, here's a really pretty lipstick from a local brand, Ever Bilena. For only P145.00, it's really a steal. It's matte - which is not my favorite lipstick finish, but offers a really pretty pop of pink on your puckers.

Off Beat Pink is a true baby pink color. On my pigmented lips, it comes out as a bright, but soft and delicate looking pink.  The first time i tried it on, it was super dry it was very difficult to apply on the lips. You just need to warm it up a bit though by rubbing the tip with your fingers until it melts a little - then application will be much easier. This lipstick can be drying to the lips so make sure to exfoliate and apply lip balm before you put this on. 

Ever Bilena's Matte lipstick line comes in 12 different shades of nudes, pinks, browns and reds. I'm sure there's one color you'll love. 

The Good
- this is a really pretty pink color
- cheap at only P145.00
- pretty good lasting power
- no weird, plasticky-lipstick smell

The Bad
- drying to the lips
- accentuates dry, chapped lips
- not very pigmented (for this particular color)

Final Thoughts
For a P145 lipstick, Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink is pretty decent. It's a pretty pink color with pretty good staying power. Will I buy again? Sure. Will I try other colors? I definitely will! Can't wait to try out Scarlet. 



  1. I love this lipstick! Mauvey & Skin are two of my other favorites x

    1. it's such a pretty pink right? i gotta try out Mauve next. looks pretty on the tube. =)

  2. Really gorgeous colour and looks fab on you! XxxX

  3. Wow! I really love the shade! I actually made a review of the same shade, too! :) Nice review!

    New follower here! Hope you can check out my blog, too! :)


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