Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review: In2It Waterproof Eyeliner in Black

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Who says only high end brands have great liners? Here's one of my all time favorite local eyeliner, In2It's Waterproof Eyeliner. Note though that this is different from its sister, In2It Gel Liner. The latter obviously being gel type, is more creamier and glides on more smoothly. I will have a separate review of the gel liner soon.

What I like best about this eyeliner is its pigmentation and how it glides on smoothly and easily on the lids. You will see on the swatch below how intense the pigmentation is with just one swipe of the liner. The formula is also creamy so it glides almost like butter on the lids. 

This eyeliner claims to be waterproof so I had to test it by rubbing it with water to check how "waterproof" this liner is. See the results below.

You will see above that In2It's Waterproof Eyeliner is not 100% waterproof. It did stay intact after 2 light rubs with water but already started smudging after the 5th rub. Technically of course, waterproof does not also equate as being "rub" proof. The "waterproof" claim means resistance against water splashes and water exposures. My rubbing it is just an  added step to test its resistance against both water and smudging.

Here below you will see the staying power of this liner on my lids. Prior to putting on eyeliner, i primed my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. 

By end of day (without any retouch), the liner stayed on my lids and retained about the same color intensity as when i applied it in the morning. Only the winged part on my outer lids smudged and wore off. This is already a pretty good feat for me since I have very oily lids. Note though that i primed my lids before applying eyeliner so i cannot conclude if this will also be the case for bare lids. 

In one occasion though, this liner gave me "panda eyes". It was really embarrassing because i did not even notice it until a friend told me. This happened one time when the weather was extremely humid and hot and i did not prime my lids. I learned my lesson, and I never did once experience "panda eyes" anymore. 

The Good
- relatively cheap (about P379.00+), compared with the high end brands
- excellent pigmentation
- creamy and glides on smoothly
- great staying power
- very easy to use with its twist style packaging (no sharpening needed!)

The Bad
- not 100% waterproof and smudge proof
- may cause panda eyes (if lids are very oily and not primed)

Final Thoughts
An excellent budget friendly eyeliner! Both staying power and pigmentation are really good.  I highly recommend this. 



  1. great and affordable buy!! :) i like that twist style packaging!

  2. Thanks for the fabulous review, it sounds great! I'll be putting this on my list of things to buy! XxxX

  3. you have been tagged, please check it our!

  4. Hello. , how much and where could I buy this? Is this always available in watsons?

  5. Its hard to find a good eyeliner.

    follow your blog, hope you could follow mine. ^^


  6. Great review! I'm now following your Blog, Please check out mine as well and maybe follow back if you like? Thanks Doll!


  7. I actually bought an in2it liner to try!! :)

    The Misty Mom

  8. isnt this too creamy and may tend to smudge??? hmm.. will try this.. :)

    i have a lot of liner to test.

    by the way i just followed you. mind to follow back?

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