Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: NYX Round Lipstick - Iconic & Perfect

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It's no secret that I'm crazy about NYX Round Lipsticks. They're really cheap, offers a pretty decent quality and come in a whole lotta colors.

I already did a review about the quality of NYX lipsticks here so I will discuss more about the color in this post. 

Here's NYX Round Lipstick in Iconic. This is one of NYX's newer shades. On stick it looks rosey with a hint of brown. When swatched it looks more light pink. I like how it looks on my pigmented lips, because it sorts of neutralizes the color and gives off a natural looking lips with a hint of pink. Iconic is very creamy. So creamy that the stick easily breaks when pushed too hard on the lips. On very hot days, this lipstick melts like crazy.

NYX Round Lipstick in Perfect is brown with a very slight hint of pink. On my lips it gives a very neutral brown look. The color suits me very well. It doesn't wash out and is not too dark brown either that i look like an old hag. Compared with Iconic above, Perfect has a better consistency. Not to creamy for it to easily break and melt.

Overall, these are two great colors perfect for everyday use and for work. Iconic would probably suit most skintones while Perfect would be best for morena ladies.  Here's Iconic & Perfect swatched side by side. 




  1. wow I love the iconic colors! just great, I'm a new follower :)

  2. I love Iconic! NYX lippies are excellent!

  3. @jamilla: i love iconic too! it's my favorite among the 2.

  4. Iconic is sooo gorgeous.Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have some NYX RLS but not in these shades.. :) Thanks for this review, I'm really liking iconic.. ^^

  6. Hi, which colour would you recommend for dull lips? Something subtle yet able to bring out a little colour?

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