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Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

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elegant cap detail
love the black and gold!

their unconventional brush comb. reaches out to even the tiniest hair in my lashes

How to Use

Lash Expander is a fiber-based mascara (similar to the popular Fiberwig) that uses a 2-way brush for maximum impact.  First, use the coil side to apply the mascara to your lashes, starting at the roots for an eyeliner effect.  Next, use the comb side of the brush to separate and define, leaving your lashes looking longer, without the "spider" look.  Waterproof formula is strong against sweat, oil, and tears, but easily removed with oil-based makeup remover.
(from Japan Shop)

 What the Label Says

An intense, velvety black mascara that plumps up lashes while creating sky-high length. The unique brush-comb applicator lengthens lashes as it enhances volume for a dark and heavy fringe that brings out the natural beauty of your eyes. The waterproof formula stays on all day and night long, not budging from your lashes even in humid weather. By Shiseido.

Revolutionary double-side brush: spiral brush + comb brush

Comb brush helps lengthen lash while spiral brush works to enhance the volume of lashes for a surprising eye-line look

1.5 times longer fiber which not only lengthens lashes, but also performs shinny black lash look

Pack Size - BK999 (Black)

taken from Majolica Majorca Philippines

6 grams

bought this for P 700.00 at Japanichi  (when Majolica Majorca products were not available in the country yet)
but good news! Majolica Majorca is now available in selected SM stores. yehey!
visit their FB page here Majolica Majorca Philippines


I have for a long time, given up on mascara. i have probably the sparsest, the straightest, and shortest lashes in the world and no mascara (i've tried quite a few), ever worked on me. i have always been on the constant search for the mascara that would lengthen and hold my curls. i've read rave reviews of this mascara on GT and finally decided to give it a try. and guess what? for the first time, i have finally found a mascara that works! i'm so happy i was jumping up and down the first time i tried these on. no kidding. this is definitely HG material!

The Good
- this mascara lengthens like crazy! i sooo looove it! some people even asked if i was wearing false lashes. 
- holds curls for  really looooooong time. i have very straight lashes so finding a mascara that holds my curls for more than 30 mins is a feat. this holds my curls for more than 5 hours!
- does not clump at all
- waterproof. i've tried swimming with these on and they didn't smudge!
- i love the unconventional brush comb. it reaches even the tiniest hair on my lashes
- the two sided brush really does work
- did not weight down my lashes
- the elegant black and gold packaging is love! it beats even the high end mascaras. 

The Bad
-  difficult to remove. a pain actually. i'm still on the lookout for the best formula to easily remove this. 

Final Verdict

thank God for this mascara! i cannot stop raving about this and would definitely recommend this to ladies, who like me, have sparse, short and straight lashes. this will be your best friend!


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