Monday, May 2, 2011

Netherlands Food Trip

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This veeeerrrry late post is dedicated to the awesome food trip i had when my father and i went on a business trip to The Netherlands a year ago. 

Food at KLM airlines

our first version of apple pie in Netherlands. apparently this is the country's specialty dessert. 

yummy! this is what they usually have for breakfast. brought tons of these when we went back home. 


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my lunch. rye bread with cheese something. this was only our second day in Netherlands and i was already craving for rice! 

our 2nd version of apple pie. this is what we've been having for dessert. each restaurant and town has their own version.

for dinner! at this point, i was desperate for rice already. 

Greek dinner on our 3rd night

finally, there's rice!
our Argentine dinner. i took my steak well done. 

spanish coffee.
coffee + tia maria

cheese overload. my dad wanted to buy lots of these but each round of cheese weighed about 4kls. hello excess baggage!
our 4th version of apple pie with cream

pecan pies

cold tiny shrimps salad. i feel sorry for these little babies. 

this was their smallest sized steak. i only finished half of it. gave the rest to father. 

the yummiest vanilla ice cream! this one i finished within 3 minutes. 

father's dessert

I gained 5 lbs during my 1 week stay in the Netherlands. what do i miss the most? the food! especially the apple pie. i still haven't tried any apple pie that came as close to being delicious as the apple pies in Netherlands. 

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