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Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30

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Every time i go out, like in the office or in the mall, i always prefer to put on something with more than average coverage on my face. This is why i have been a die hard user of Missha Perfect Cover and Revlon Colorstay Foundation because it gives the perfect coverage that i need minus the heavy makeup feeling on my skin. On days though when i spend most of the time outdoors and it's very hot, i only put tinted moisturizer on. There's nothing worse than foundation/bb cream melting on your face on a very hot day!

I have forever been looking for the perfect tinted moisturizer. My first try was with Myra E's tinted moisturizer which ended as a total fail. I broke out so bad and it oxidized on my skin that after 2 hours of using it, i looked like i had just come out of a spray tan. My second try was with ELF's Tinted Moisturizer which was ok, it did not break me out at all. My only problem with it is that the coverage is very sheer. You can read my review here.
This tinted moisturizer was recommended to me by a friend who's only makeup routine was this, loose powder, MAC's Browset and lipgloss.

Being only a tinted moisturizer, do not ever expect this to have the same coverage as foundation. So this won't conceal blemishes on your skin. This however, manages to even out my skin tone. And as i am lucky enough to have very few minor blemishes on my skin, most of it is covered by this moisturizer alone. This moisturizer comes in 2 shades: (1) Fair-Light, and (2) Medium. I got mine in Medium and it's just the right color for my skin (I'm NC35 for reference). Below you will see a swatch of Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer in Medium. 

Wrist w/o tinted moisturizer
Wrist with Aveeno tinted moisturizer

I have been using this for 3 weeks already (on those days when i forgo putting on bb cream or foundation) and there has been no breakouts for me. Prior to purchase, i had been reading a lot of reviews online and a lot of those reviews say this irritated and broke them out. I guess the best way to judge is to personally try this product out. What i like best about this tinted moisturizer is that the coverage is pretty good - slightly better than regular tinted moisturizers, and the fact that it has SPF30. 

This tinted moisturizer also boasts of containing Total Soy Complex which promises to even out skin tone, smoothes and softens skin texture, reduce the appearance of unwanted hair, and moisturizes skin. Read more about the effects of soy on skin here. I have only been using this for 3 weeks now, on and off, so i would not be able to attest to this claim just yet. 

Who would i recommend this to? People who do not want a heavy makeup feel but want slight coverage on their face. This is great for use too on very hot and humid days when it's almost impossible to hold down foundation on your skin. 

I really liked this tinted moisturizer and would be using this until i come across an even better tinted moisturizer. Take my review with a grain of salt though as your experience might not be the same as mine.

What the Label Says

The only tinted moisturizer with clinically proven total soy complex to brighten and even skin tone while providing SPF 30 sun protection. Natural, light-reflecting minerals and lightweight coverage blend away imperfections and immediately bring out skin's natural radiance.

These luminous formulas with natural minerals give you sheer coverage instantly.  With scientifically proven total soy complex, they do even more...evening skin discolorations and smoothing texture.  Now, a naturally flawless finish lets your natural radiance shine through. 

With clinically proven total soy complex and natural light-reflecting minerals.

Net WT. 
2.5 fl oz (75 ml) 

$ 14.99 at
Not available locally

The Good
- has SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection
- has great coverage for a tinted moisturizer and evens out skintone
- not greasy and sticky 
- feels light on the skin
- great alternative to foundation during very hot & humid weather. just set with finishing powder and you're good to go

The Bad
- has a perfumy smell that bothers me, but quickly goes away
- does not last very long, abo
- not available locally

Final Verdict
I am currently loving this and would not change to another tinted moisturizer until i find a better one. 



  1. Hi! Just wanted to ask where you were able to buy this? Thanks! :)

  2. @angelica: i had a friend buy this for me in the states. this is not available locally. but maybe you can check local online sellers maybe they have.

  3. Hi, how can I determine what skin color shade I belong to? Thanks!

  4. @Anonymous: This tinted moisturizer comes in 2 shades only: Medium to Light Sheer & Medium Sheer. If your fairer skinned (about NC20-25) Medium-Light will be best for you. If your're slightly tanned (NC30-40), go for Medium Sheer.

  5. I think it's available in S&R. :)

  6. I really would like to try this out. where can i buy this? do you know any shops that pre-orders stuff from states? or maybe you should start pre order haha

  7. Hi Megumi,
    You can ask Kallony if they have the product. They offer authentic makeup and skincare products from the US and from other countries.
    Hope I was able to help :)

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