Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye and Thank You Steve Jobs!

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I was about to blog this morning about my favorite Avon Colorbliss lipsticks when i heard the news. Immediately, I knew i had to put the review off to give way for this Steve Jobs tribute. This is my way of thanking him for making really cool innovations that are so easy to use. The world of technology will not be what it is today without Steve Jobs' innovation and vision. I think a lot of us will we able to say their lives have been easier because of an iMac, an iPhone, an iPod, iPad and a MacBook. 

Today the world lost a great man.

My first ever Apple gadget was a 1st Gen iTouch 16gig that hubby gave as a birthday gift last 2008. I have had a lot of fond memories with my Itouch. It has been with me to most of my vacations within and out of the country. I'm speaking in past tense here because i sold my iTouch to buy me a Siberian Husky. I figured, a Sibe is much more interactive than an iTouch. Right? And cuter too...

This is my Sibe, Paige.

My second Apple gadget is a 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle (the really small one) which hubby also gave as a gift on my birthday last 2009. He bought it for me hoping that it would be easier for me to carry around when we would be out jogging or in the gym. Sad to say, i never got to jog, and i only lasted a month in the gym. Yep, i'm that lazy when it comes to exercise. Here's my shuffle now, battered, but still alive and kicking. 

My third Apple gadget is a 4th Gen 8 gig iPod Nano which hubby also gave as a gift last year. I really do not understand why he keeps giving me iPods on my birthdays. I am not a techie person, was already satisfied with my shuffle, and really, i would be more excited in receiving a blush or a lipstick than an iPod (shhh..don't tell him). Of all my iPods, this would have to be my favorite. It's so handy and very slim that I don't have trouble bringing it everywhere, it can fit even my smallest purse.

To return the favor, i gave hubby an iPhone 3G as a gift on his birthday 2 years ago. This one he loves very much. Too much in fact that he sat on it and caused a thin gray line on the screen which started out small but eventually grew and grew and grew. He still loves it though. 

My most recent Apple item is a 13" MacBook Pro which i got this year to replace my stolen Lenovo. It was love at first sight! I had always been a PC user, and I initially did not like  switching to a MacBook (hubby convinced me) thinking it would just complicate my life. But holy moly I now love my MacBook to bits! i love it so much i already have an affair with it. It makes my laptop experience and working in general, so much more easier. It's true, once you go Mac, you'll never go back. 

For all these, and for all the other things to come (I hope), iThank You Steve Jobs! 

Today the world lost a great man, an icon, a visionary, an innovator, and one hell of a marketing man. I am amazed by Steve Job's marketing skills. He was a great presentor, an excellent public speaker and a captivating communicator. He was Apple's best salesman. This, for me, is Steve Jobs' best presentation.


My deepest sympathy goes out to Steve Jobs' family, his wife Lauren, his 4 children, all Apple employees, and to everyone he has worked with. We may have lost an innovator and an icon, but these people lost a husband, a dad, a boss, and a friend in Steve Jobs. To Steve Job's wife and children, thank you for sharing your husband and father with us. 

I will end this tribute with my favorite quote from this great man:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

In Steve's words:

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