Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tomorrow I start my GM Diet

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I'm getting fat. 

I know this because my favorite jeans do not fit me anymore, the sleeves on my favorite top cling to my arms like second skin, and the buttons on my button down shirt pop out, not because i have big boobs, but because I've grown wider. 

My normal weight is at 113-115 lbs. I weighed 113 lbs November of last year, gained 6 lbs during my vacation for a family reunion on December, never lost it, gained 8 more pounds this year, which now brings me to my current weight of ---- 127 lbs!!! This makes my BMI (Body Mass Index) to be 24 (The ideal range is 19-25). Though this is still normal, i am already almost marginally overweight. To compute your BMI, click here. This is the BMI classification: 

I have been meaning to get some physical activity the last couple of months to put a halt to my sedentary life, but laziness always gets in the way. Between the gym and my bed, the bed always wins. Unlike the husband who lives and breathes physical activity and sports -  i just live, breathe, eat and sleep. 

Over pasta and sinful dessert last Saturday night at Fudge (click here for the review), my friends "pressured" me into trying out the GM Diet. They have been on this diet for a week already and apparently this worked for them. It also seems healthy too so I decided to give it a try. 

What's the GM Diet? 

"The GM diet, also known as the General Motors diet, is a 7-day eating plan that offers significant weight loss results. Unlike other diets which require intake of supplements that aid in losing weight, this diet relies mainly on natural produce. The main objectives of the GM diet are to get rid of the excess pounds and at the same time alter the individual’s eating habits towards a more organic lifestyle. The benefits of the GM Diet are: 

  • DetoxificationIn contrast to what many people say, the GM diet is an effective way to start detoxification. Indeed individuals are deprived of eating fat, unhealthy proteins and carbohydrates during the first few days of the week. But at the same time their body systems are cleansed and the toxins that keep them tired, stressed and overweight are flushed away. Followers of the GM diet are inclined to drink up to 2 liters of water each day, which is sufficient to digest all the food they have consumed and wash away all the unwanted entities inside their system.
    Regular detoxification aids in faster digestion, regular bowel movement and urination, and eventual weight loss.
  • Faster Digestion: GM diet fosters digestion in two significant ways. First is through the foods consumed each day of the diet week. Individuals are subject to consume only high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar. These meals alone already speed up digestion as they are easily absorbed by the stomach.
    Digestion is also sped up with significant water intake. Foods that are rich in fiber still need water for them to be dissolved into nutrients. With regular water intake, the overall digestion process is maximized. In turn individuals get to use all the nutrients they have consumed and at the same time utilize their reserved energies through by means of metabolism.
  • Regular Bowel Movement: One of the reasons why people tend to be overweight is the unnecessary wastes trapped inside the body. These include elements that have not been able to be digested and had to be removed from the system through defecation. Due to the high fiber foods and consistent water intake in the GM diet, the solid entities in the digestive system are flushed away from the body in a regular manner. Bowel problems such as constipation and LBM are thus avoided.
The above mentioned processes all contribute to faster weight loss effects. Through the GM diet, individuals not only get to lose weight; they also find the way towards a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. In time, those who follow the diet also get rid of their poor eating habits and find ways to enjoy life in a more natural manner."

The GM Diet Plan

I will start this diet tomorrow and hopefully i'll have the willpower to stick with it. Wish me luck! 


  1. i will start tomorrow aswell.. please keep updating ur process!! thanks! and go for it girl. i fell ya and am just like u, same body shape!! :D

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