Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel (As Face Primer) FAIL!

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I have to admit, i bought this one out of curiosity. I have been very happy with my Missha BB Boomer (click for review) as a face primer and do not really need any primer to replace it as of the moment. 

I have been reading so many rave reviews about this chafing gel as an excellent face primer (aside from providing relief in delicate areas) which i found totally weird. I got curios, so i decided to give this a try. You see, this was initially not intended for use on the face as a primer. This was made for use on the inner thigh and bikini area and in your *ehem*, nether regions, to provide relief and prevent from chafing due to moisture, heat, movement and shaving. As to why and how this became an alternative face primer, i do not know. 

The product comes out in a gel form which dries out instantly into a matte, silky-powder form. It leaves your skin feeling super smooth and silky.

I have been using this for a month now and here's my take:
  •  This contains 1.2% Dimethicone which is the reason why you get that super smooth and silky feel on your skin right after application. Because of this, foundation/bb cream application is so much easier! Foundation glides like silk on your face.
  • For some weird reason, it does make makeup stay on your face longer. I wear foundation in the morning and i am surprised to find it's still on my face in the afternoon.
  • This keeps my oilies at bay. I normally get oily on my T-zone by mid afternoon and this was able to control the oiliness on my face, even better than Missha BB Boomer. 
So does this work as a face primer? Definitely YES! And it works great!

That being said, i know you would expect me to highly recommend this product right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but sadly i can't. Because ---- IT BROKE ME OUT SOOOOOO BAD!

As i am not a pimply person, i panic at the sight of more than 2 pimples growing on my face. For the longest time, i only get 1-2 pimples when it's that "time" of the month. So you can imagine my shock when i started seeing 1,2,3,4,5 pimples sprouting everywhere on my face. And it's not even that "time" of the month! Mind you, these were not just small red pimples, these were the big cystic ones. Like this one i got just 3 days ago:

EEEW! i had to crop my picture because i had been wearing no makeup at all the past 3 days to allow my skin to heal.
I first thought this was probably due to Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer that i was recently using. But i stopped using Aveeno for 1 straight week and i was still getting them (the pimples). I never thought Monistat could cause this because i figured, if it's safe enough to use on your "delicate" areas, it would also be safe to use on your face right? Well, bohoo, now i have dark spots on my face, remnants of the nasty cystic pimples. Huhuhu. Thank God for Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, my pimples dried up really fast.

I have stopped using this for 4 days now and thankfully, no pimples have sprouted anymore.


Now it may just be me. My face is probably more sensitive than my "delicate" areas. I am happy for those who have had no problems about this product. Because really, this is such a great substitute for a face primer. They even compare this to the infamous Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Had it not caused breakouts on my face, i would be yelling praises for this gel because it's really cheap and very effective as a face primer.

What a waste...

What the Label Says

Relieves & Prevents Chafing
  • Inner Thigh & Bikini Area
  • From Moisture, Heat, Movement & Shaving
From the Makers for Monistat® Intimate Care
  • Dries to Silky Finish
  • Fragrance Free
  • Skin Protectant
Provides on-the-go daily prevention and relief from chafing and irritation in intimate, delicate areas like the inner thigh, bikini area, and under arms and breasts.
Exclusive formula can be used whenever you need protection from the uncomfortable irritation caused by moisture, heat, movement and shaving. It forms a silky, breathable barrier to fight friction, keeping the delicate skin in the bikini area and inner thighs feeling healthy and protected, while it comforts chafed skin.

Helps relieve the appearance of redness that can develop after shaving or waxing the bikini area.
  • Non-Greasy
  • Fragrance Free
  • Non-Irritating
  • Non-Staining

Net WT. 
1.5 oz (42 g) 

$ 6.79 at
(about P 292.00) Not available locally

The Good
- leaves skin silky smooth which makes makeup application so much easier
- helps makeup stay longer 
- kept my oiliness at bay
- fragrance free
- as a face primer, this is very cheap

The Bad
- broke me out like crazy!

Final Verdict
I would not recommend this for those with sensitive skin, you might have the same experience as i did (and i do not even have sensitive skin).

My advise: Be careful in using a product on areas that it was not intended for.


  1. Sis, whatever did you do with the rest of this product? I know this is already a lesson but still, I'd like to try this as a primer too :)

  2. Where did you buy yours? Did you get it shipped? I've been feeling apprehensive about getting items shipped because people say some items get stuck at customs. :\


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