Thursday, April 28, 2011

Benefit Coralista

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What the Label Says

Take a tropical pleasure trip with CORALista. Sweep this warm coral pink powder onto cheeks anytime, anywhere. Move your brush to the beat & turn up the heat... bikini optional!

Coralista is a warm coral-pink powder that warms up your complexion


P 1,650.00 at local resellers
$28.00 at Sephora


I have been lemming for this blush for the longest time now. what put me off first was the price. $28 for a blush??? but blushbaby finally caved in and i FINALLY got myself one! and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! 

The Good
- the slight fruity scent (i normally do not like makeups with scents, but this one's an exception)
- i love love love the color! it's the perfect coral pink blush with a slight hint of shimmer. i have always been partial to peachy-pink blushes and this one's definitely one of the best!
 - Coralista gives my cheeks a soft, warm peachy-pink neutral color. not too pink, not too peachy, just the perfect tropical glow!
- the powder is silky smooth 
- staying power is great! i apply this in the morning and by end of day, the color is still visible. even without touch ups!
- i think this shade will suit all types of skintone
- gives a real glow to your cheeks (not all blushes, even the high-end ones, are able to do this)

The Bad
- the cardboard box packaging may get battered after continued use
- expensive 
- too bulky to carry in your makeup pouch

Final Verdict
Definately one of my faves!



  1. @trixie: bought my coralista from

  2. You're lucky you got a good box of Coralista. Mine doesn't last all day and the scent is not as fruity as my friend's coralista. I bought mine too at Ms. Caren told me that this might be benefit's manufacturing defects or something :(

  3. @trixie: sad that you got a not-so-good box of Coralista. this one i did not by from Ms.Caren (but my Bella Bamba was bought from her), had a friend buy this for me in the US. sorry if i got confused on my earlier reply to your question. a friend of mine got a fake Coralista and when compared to mine, the color of the fake Coralista is darker. but her fake Coralista didn't smell fruity at all. surprisingly though, the fake one also had really good staying power. have you checked ba sis if ur box was orig? you would know kasi from the box lang.

  4. yeS, I'm sure it is original. I was really kind of dissapointed. some facebook online shop offers coralista for Php 650 only, canada made. probably this is the fake one they're selling.

  5. i'm sure that's a fake Coralista sis if P650 lang. i'm sure there is no original Coralista at that low a price. Probably the cheapest is P1,450.


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