Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First MAJOR Skinfood Haul

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This was my first ever MAJOR Haul. i remember having called the Post Office soooo many times (like 5x a day for 3 days straight). So imagine my excitement when i finally got a text message from the Post Man that i had to pick something up in the Post Office!

This haul was a very early Christmas gift from dear hubby. haha. i was lucky to have found Ms.Wea in who happens to live in Korea and offers shopping services for Korean products. thanks to her, i was able to buy these Skinfood items at half the prices they are sold here in the Philippines. 

You can avail of her shopping services here Korean Shopperz. She's very friendly and accomodating. 

i got the following items: 
1. Buckwheat Loose Powder #10 - Transparent
2. Black Egg Pore Primer
3. Black Sesame Seed Mask
4. Black Sugar Mask
5. Rice Mask
6. Milkshake Point Remover
7. Omija Complexion Pact #23
8. Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek in Pomegranate
9. Chlorella Nose Pack

Those small little packets that you see in the picture are all freebies! They're a looot!

I promise to post reviews of each item soon. 
Ooooohhhh, i so love packages! 

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  1. oohhh skinfood! I love them! I saw you though Pretty Thrifty' site :). I am now following you!


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