Monday, April 25, 2011

NYX The Runway Collection Palette in Champagne & Caviar

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What the Label Says

Champagne & Caviar Eyeshadow Palette contains the original, best selling Nyx eye shadows in one sleek case for design, storage and mobility. The color combinations are hand-picked by Nyx’s creator and inspired by fashion, colors, and scents experienced while traveling the world. As with our popular eye shadows, the product offers bold colors, high pigmentation, and lasting wear.

Comes in 10 varieties: Jazz Night, Strike a Pose, Champagne & Caviar, Catwalk, Supermodel, Romance, Versus, Secret World, Haute Model, Bohemian Rhapsody, Casting Call, Velvet Rope


$8.00 at Cherry Culture (had this shipped to my friend's US address)
Local online resellers sell this for P450-P500


I suck at eye makeup. big time. it's something i need time and patience to perfect. Eyeshadows do not excite me as much blushes do, hence the rarity of eye makeup in my blog. 

anyhow, this is only my second eyeshadow palette, and i only bought this because i needed $9 more so i can avail of the free shipping of was it a good buy? read on. 


1st Layer
1.1. Frost. Light Beige. Very sheer. i need to swipe color a few times to make it show up on me.
1.2. Satin. Taupe. Very sheer. again, color needs to be built to show up on me. 
1.3. Satin. Very light beige. almost nude. sheer. great as base color.  
1.4. Frost. Champagne. slightly similar to color #1 only darker. more pigmented compared to the 3 previous shades. i use this to highlight my browbone. i sometimes use this alone for an office look.
1.5. Frost. Slightly dark brown. i use this as crease color for a subtle day office look. 

2nd Layer

2.1. Matte. White. Pigmentation is fair. i use this as browbone highlighter. 
2.2. Satin. Warm Brown. Not very pigmented. 
2.3. Matte. Chocolate brown. Pigmentation is good. Excellent as crease color. 
2.4. Frost. Light Pink. pretty pink color. may be 
worn alone. very crumbly.
2.5. Matte. Black. Very good pigmentation. excellent as crease color.

The Good
- inexpensive. 10 eyeshadows for only $8
- eyeshadow pan sizes are decent
- comes in a sleek black, handy compact which makes it easy to carry around (roughly the size of a checkbook)
- excellent neutral color combinations. great for an everyday office makeup or daytime look
- powders are soft and silky

The Bad
- not very pigmented (my local 88 eyeshadow palette is waay pigmented than this)
- chalky and crumbly (i'll show pics below)
- i get lots of fallouts on my face because of its chalkiness
- some of the colors are too sheer (especially the light colored ones) and hardly show up on me

too chalky 

Final Verdict
Great color selection. Not too great on pigmentation and the chalkiness and the fallouts really bother me. Great neutral palette for beginners. 


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